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Awful Ventures Paintball And More
  • Awful Ventures Paintball & More is an authorized Smart Parts® repair facility and uses genuine Smart Parts® components and accessories.1

  • Erick Hoffman is a certified Airgun Designs Factory Technician and an Air America Certified Technician.

  • We install Angel Force or stock C-Boards with Laser Eyes!

  • Repair / maintenance on Automags, RTs, Spyders, Angels, Auto Cockers, Shockers, Tippmanns, and most other models.
          Average tune-up price - $25

  • Trigger work including double triggers 
          Average Lighten/Shorten Trigger - $20
          Double Triggers - $20-$35

  • Eight-hole modifications on Automag Regulators - $35

  • Level 10 upgrade $85  http://www.airgun.com/Products/lvl10.shtml

  • Splash Anodizing 

      1 Color -   $90.00
      2 Colors - $130.00
      3 Colors - $180.00
      Polishing / Bright Dip / Bead Blasting - extra $

    Call or email us for a quote - 817-282-3636.

  • Most accessory upgrades

  • All work done on site except Splash Anodizing

  • Check out some pictures of our other custom Autocockers

  • Here is some millwork.  These are the finished product.

Call or email us for prices and repair times - 817-282-3636.


1Smart Parts®, Shocker®, Ion®, Nerve® and Impulse® are registered trademarks and the exclusive property of Smart Parts, Inc.