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Awful Ventures Paintball And More
Awful Ventures Paintball & More is an authorized dealer of Smart Parts® paintball guns and accessories.1

We have a full selection of Semi-Automatic Paintball Markers from the top manufacturers.  Click on the manufacturers logo to see the models we carry.
For $40.00 more, you can get a Start-Up package with any gun that includes a  Mask, VL 200 Hopper, 12oz. CO² Tank, barrel plug, and a squeege. Add a few more $ and you can upgrade to a higher grade mask or a bigger air system.

Airgun Designs

Automags, RTs, E-mag

  • A5 - $229.00
  • Response - $279.00
  • E-Grip - $319.00
  • Flatline - Add $99.00

  • FS-8 - $750.00
  • Lasoya ProMaster - $450.00
  • ProMaster - $250.00

Autocockers, STO Autocockers, Black Magic


  • Kingman Spyder Electra with Eyes - $250.00
  • Kingman Spyder Electra 05 - $200.00
  • Kingman Pilot ACS - $108.00
  • Kingman Spyder Sonix - $65.00

Call or email us for a complete selection of guns and prices - 817-282-3636.
1Smart Parts®, Shocker®, Ion®, Nerve® and Impulse® are registered trademarks and the exclusive property of Smart Parts, Inc.